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US-1193642-A: Clamp patent, US-1194006-A: Richard john fry patent, US-1194306-A: Ginia patent, US-1194465-A: Harry p patent, US-1194471-A: Combihatiob patent, US-1194475-A: Richard webb burnett patent, US-1194731-A: Assigbtob of one-fifth to adam patent, US-1195032-A: Pobtable electric lam y patent, US-1195311-A: Johw f patent, US-1195423-A: Wedge patent, US-1195464-A: Eiber-cleaner patent, US-1195783-A: Island patent, US-1196020-A: Evapobato patent, US-1196027-A: Scale patent, US-1196221-A: Device for nailing soles and heels to shoe-uppers. patent, US-1197879-A: Portable acetylene generator. patent, US-1198200-A: Envelop. patent, US-1198261-A: Match-cover. patent, US-1198317-A: Demountable rim for vehicle-wheels. patent, US-1198901-A: Self-fitting petticoat. patent, US-1199173-A: Reaming-tool. patent, US-1199360-A: Transmission device. patent, US-1201107-A: Gas-engine. patent, US-1201718-A: Automobile-lifting device. patent, US-120185-A: Improvement in electric clocks patent, US-1202316-A: Spaced-metallic-panel construction. patent, US-120258-A: photo lithogmphic co patent, US-1202811-A: Wheel-guard. patent, US-120304-A: Improvement in wrenches patent, US-1203495-A: Vacuum-tube. patent, US-1203708-A: Milling and routing machine. patent, US-120422-A: Improvement in rocking-chairs patent, US-1204791-A: Child's folding crib. patent, US-1205413-A: Combined mold and shipping-box. patent, US-1205529-A: Rail joint or coupling. patent, US-1207277-A: Rim for pneumatic tires. patent, US-1207799-A: Internal-combustion engine. patent, US-1208690-A: Self-closing pendulum-hanger for doors. patent, US-1209271-A: Gate-operating mechanism. patent, US-1209373-A: Game apparatus. patent, US-1209402-A: Turbine. patent, US-120948-A: Improvement in machines for cutting solid leather belting patent, US-1210266-A: Figure toy. patent, US-1210835-A: Device for attaching and detaching electric bulbs. patent, US-121084-A: Improvement in drawing-knives patent, US-1211666-A: Truss-pad. patent, US-1211870-A: Toy gun. patent, US-1212881-A: Shuttle. patent, US-1213099-A: Cold-tire setter. patent, US-1213795-A: Process of separating hydrocarbons from natural or other gas. patent, US-12137-A: Shingle-machine patent, US-1214066-A: Roof-crown for open-hearth furnaces. patent, US-1214275-A: Illuminating device for life-lines. patent, US-1214839-A: Valve-control mechanism for internal-combustion engines. patent, US-1215446-A: Stop for talking-machines. patent, US-121566-A: Improvement in cooking-stoves patent, US-1215699-A: Type-writing machine. patent, US-1216869-A: Receptacle. patent, US-1218099-A: Signaling device. patent, US-1218220-A: Shuttle for sewing-machines. patent, US-121934-A: Improvement in head-blocks patent, US-1220048-A: Automatic pressure-roll-releasing device for clothes-wringers. patent, US-1220080-A: Propeller. patent, US-1220837-A: Safety-razor. patent, US-1222163-A: Carbureter. patent, US-1222424-A: Syringe. patent, US-1222884-A: Fender for seeders and planters. patent, US-1223070-A: Antiskidding device for vehicles. patent, US-1223512-A: Adjuster for outriggers. patent, US-1223568-A: Pipe-vise. patent, US-1225118-A: Method for obtaining pure water from salt water. patent, US-1225154-A: Draw-bar-centering device. patent, US-1225510-A: Mechanical movement. patent, US-1225637-A: Fifth-wheel or coupling-gear. patent, US-1226034-A: Machine for making paper receptacles. patent, US-1226615-A: Shuttle. patent, US-1227850-A: Folding stand. patent, US-1227875-A: Truck. patent, US-2015276018-A1: Transmission of internal combustion engine patent, US-1227991-A: Camera-shutter-operating device. patent, US-1229235-A: System of railway control. patent, US-1229917-A: Apparatus for steam-heating. patent, US-1230044-A: Check-book. patent, US-1230156-A: Dental surveying apparatus. patent, US-123018-A: Improvement in furnace grate-bars patent, US-1230404-A: Means for regulating fuel mixtures for internal-combustion engines. patent, US-1230701-A: Horse-collar. patent, US-1230798-A: Transmission-gearing. patent, US-1235269-A: Sink refuse-strainer. patent, US-1235669-A: Operating-cushion. patent, US-1235807-A: Musicl-leaf turner. patent, US-1236988-A: Cycle side car. patent, US-1237200-A: Apparatus for sealing evacuated vessels. patent, US-1237410-A: Hose-supporter. patent, US-1238400-A: Barber's shears. patent, US-1238501-A: Rotary driver. patent, US-1239276-A: Oil-burner. patent, US-1239676-A: Article-presenting means for sewing-machines. patent, US-1240086-A: Fastening for sliding windows and the like. patent, US-1242268-A: Door structure for grain-cars and the like. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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